SmartCapital is an equity crowdfunding platform, enabling anyone to invest in venture funds for the very first time.
Why We’re Doing This
Only ultra-wealthy people have access to invest in venture funds. Even most angel investors who are already investing in startups cannot invest in venture funds. When investing in startups, it is incredibly important to diversify your investments if you want to have high returns. However, because it is so expensive and time-extensive to invest in startups, people lack proper diversification. This is why we are enabling people to invest in 20+ startups at a time by investing in venture funds. We were sad to see other equity crowdfunding platforms only letting people invest in one company at a time. We don’t think that makes any sense, which inspired us to create SmartCapital.

Our Story
Marco Vienna, Paul Foley, Jesse Lawrence, and John Siladie founded SmartCapital in January of 2018 in Colorado. Shocked by the lack of diversification and quality of companies available to people, the team set out to create venture funds of some of the most promising companies in the U.S. while enabling anyone to invest in them.
Our team
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