For the first time, anyone can invest in Venture Capital funds.
Until SmartCapital, the returns of VC funds have been unavailable to 99.9% of people. Now, some of the best VC's in the world can invest your money in high growth companies.
Benefits to you, the investor
access to invest in vc funds
Previously, the opportunity to invest in VC funds was reserved for people or corporations that can invest very large amounts of money. Now, SmartCapital enables anyone to invest in VC funds with as little as $100.
a passive investment
Let your money work for you. The VC's do all the work for you by finding the best companies to invest in. This automatically invests your money in high growth companies you typically would never be able to invest in.
instant diversification
By investing in a VC fund, as opposed to hand-selecting companies to invest in, you are immediately diversified amongst a variety of great companies. It typically takes years of work to find and invest in multiple companies. Now you can achieve diversification with just a few clicks.
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how it works

startup sourcing
Every startup in a SmartCapital portfolio is backed by one of the world's top VC's or accelerators.
you invest
You invest in a portfolio with as little as $100.
Invest alongside top venture capital firms and angel investors.
benefits to the startups
faster fundraise time
Spend less time fundraising, and more time building your business.
decreased operational costs
Most VC’s aren’t very entrepreneurial. SmartCapital is!
Wrangling angel investors is like herding giant cats with lots of money.
Frequently Asked Questions
why should i invest in venture capital funds?
VC funds often provide some of the highest returns (see graph to the right). VC Funds invest in high-risk-high-reward growth companies. Before SmartCapital, access to these funds was limited to high net-worth family funds, corporations, and hedge funds. Now, with SmartCapital, you have access to investing money in VC Funds.
is there a minimum investment required?
Yes. The minimum investment is $100 in each VC fund.
who can be an investor? am i eligible to invest on smartcapital?
For funds listed on the SmartCapital marketplace, currently anyone in the United States can invest, although we plan to enable international investments. There are two types of investors "accredited" and "qualified purchasers." To be considered an accredited investor you must make more than $200,000 per year or have a joint income with your spouse of $300,000 per year. If you're an accredited investor, you can invest as much money as you'd like in each fund listed on SmartCapital. If you do not meet the criteria of an accredited investor, then you can still invest as a qualified purchaser, but the maximum you can invest is no more than 10% your annual income or 10% of your total net worth. Net worth in all cases should be calculated excluding the value of your home, home furnishings, and automobiles.
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